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Phoenix is:

Kevin Bown: Piano.
        (Dalriada, Wiltshire Reunion, Grand Union, Flying Clouds)
Steve Harrison: Harmonicas.
        (Official Brawl, Rough Music, The Herb Boys, Black Box Band)
Mike Pinder: Fiddle.
        (Flying Clouds, Grey Eagle, English Rebellion, Village Band)
Rod Stradling: Melodeons.
        (Oak, Old Swan, Edward ll, Feckless, ECDB, Tiger Moth)
Fran Wade: Fiddle
        (Dalriada, Grand Union, Flying Clouds, Village Band, Tiger Moth)

"The best traditional dance music I've heard in years" - Pete Shutler, at Whitby, 2010

Phoenix is a hard-swinging traditional style dance band who specialise in playing for ceilidhs and barn dances.  We play mainly at festivals and public dances but are sometimes available for private events.  Each band member has decades of experience of playing for dancing, but all take special delight in playing together.  Phoenix's tune repertory is drawn from all over the British Isles and well beyond, but is played in a style that is distinctively English.

As might be expected, Phoenix came into being out of a fire.  The regular Monday evening music session at the Prince Albert pub in Stroud came to an abrupt halt in the summer of 2005, when 'the bleeding pub caught fire'.

Actually, it wasn't a terribly serious fire, and thankfully no one was hurt - so they all expected it to be back in business in a week or so.  Strangely though, the chain which owns the pub had other ideas, and it was over six months before The Albert reopened ... yet, mercifully, not turned into a theme pub!

Rod Stradling (melodeon), one of the initiators of the session, is not a man to go without music for six weeks, let alone six months, so he was soon to be found knocking on the door of two other session regulars, Fran Wade (fiddle) and Kevin Bown (double bass and piano), who lived just 50 yards up the road from him.  It wasn't long before new tunes began to replace the old session repertoire, and the trio realised that they had the makings of a new band.

The other members are Mike Pinder (fiddle) and Steve Harrison (mouth organ), both of whom are based in West Yorkshire - so we're well situated to pay for dances over most of the country.


Rod Stradling - e-mail:   Tel: 01453 759475   Mobile: 0793 099 1641
1 Castle Street, Stroud, Glos GL5 2HP, UK

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